Common Snakes of Ohio

There are around 25 different species of snakes in Ohio out of which only three are venomous. These snakes are often spotted in drainage basins, isolated islands, long rivers, big lakes, rugged hills and steep valleys. Most of these snakes live on water-dwelling creatures such as salamanders, newts, toads, and frogs.

Venomous Snakes of Ohio:

1. Timber Rattlesnake:
This Columbus snake is also named as timber rattler, and it can grow only up to 33 and 55 inches in length. Timber Rattlesnake can be identified from its brown and yellow color spots with brown or black bands that are patterned on sides and back portion of snake body.

2. Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake:
The second most venomous snake of Ohio is Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. Although this Columbus snake can grow only up to 20 to 30 inches in length, it has highly potent venom. This rattlesnake can be recognized from its brown-grey color pattern, and bow-shaped patches that run down to entire length. It is generally spotted in the northern parts of the Ohio State.

3. Northern Copperhead:
Here is the third snake in the list of venomous snakes of Ohio. It can grow up to 25 to 36 inches in length and does not like to mess with humans. But if you cause a disturbance in his path, it can bite you with potent venom.

Common Snakes of Ohio State:

1. Common Watersnake:
This snake is spotted in most locations of Ohio, and experts say that it can grow up to 40 to 45 inches in length. The color pattern of this snake used to be grey, black, brown, dark brown/red but the color keeps on becoming darker with age.

2. Rat Snakes:
Both the grey and black rat snakes can be spotted in Ohio, and they live on rats, mice, lizards and venomous copperhead snakes. These snakes keep on visiting the residential area in search of rodents, and at the same time, they also control the growth of other venomous snakes in the area. This snake is often confused with the venomous copper head snake and can often be spotted inside residential properties, garages, outbuildings, and sheds.

3. Columbus Garter Snakes:
Plain Garter and Eastern Garter Snakes; both are found in Ohio, and they are mostly spotted in north-west areas of the state. The garter snakes prefer to live in open, moist, quite and grassy fields such as meadows, wet prairies, marshes and other suburban areas. They often prefer to attack earthworms in garden and yard areas; however, other favorable foodstuff of garter snakes include salamanders, toads, and frogs.

4. Lake Erie Watersnake:
Size of this Columbus snake used to be somewhat comparable to other water snakes, but it falls into the category of thicker species that are spotted with a green tinge. These snakes are identified from their orange belly or red belly.

5. Wormsnake:
Here is the smallest snake of Ohio that can grow only up to 10-11 inches. These snakes are often found in dark color; however, few snakes of this category are also spotted with pinkish-red color.

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