How to get Columbus snakes out from under a shed or porch

A Columbus snake is among the most frightening animals to people around. Most people usually become afraid the moment they hear the name “snake”. They reason for this is majorly due to the poison they have inside them which they usually use to attack their enemies. For this reason most people usually experience goose pimples all over them the moment they sight at a snake in their shed or porch. Some usually wonder how they can get the snakes out from such jam-parked place in their homes.

The physical way to remove the snake under shed or porch
If you are among the brave homeowners that do not easily get scared of an Ohio snake, you can make use of the physical removing method for snake in your shed or porch. In this method you can make use of your hand, snake tongs, hook and other possible tools made for snake removal. This method is effective but also very risky as it can result to snake bite if not done properly.

Use trapping method to remove snake under porch or shed
Trapping is another method you can easily use to get rid of a Columbus snake under the shed or porch without wasting time. To trap the snake you can choose the best trapping method. The glue trap is known to be among the most effective methods of trapping. The snap trap is known to be inhumane on the snake as it can end up breaking the bone of the snake. The moment you trap the snake, you should relocate without wasting additional time.

Make use of highly effective snake repellent and your problem will be solved
There are many effective Ohio snakes repellent in the market which you can spray inside your porch or shed to have the snake go away. There are powders, mothball flakes and other sprays can be used to ensure effective removal of snake under the shed at any point.

Make the shed or porch unfavorable for the Columbus snake to dwell
Snake do not stay in the shed or porch that is not favorable or comfortable to it. So, when you discover that your shed is attracting snake, you should try to remove the attractive element there.

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